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Innovative Property is probably one of the most efficient real estate agent you will find in relation to our monthly sales volume of homes compared to the amount of staff our company has.


Innovative Property has been steadily growing and selling all through the crisis years targeting mainly Scandinavians through many websites and online advertising campaigns. In the last two years our markets have expanded with the return of British and French buyers. Innovative Property does not have 20 offices and 5000 of its own listings however our sales volume is quite close to companies that do, meaning the chance of selling your property is far greater. We speak most languages and are marketing heavily where it counts at source in the Northern European countries and other key areas.


We are currently selling between 25 to 30 properties each and every month and that is probalby 25 more than most normal agencies sell and we are reaching these target each and every month.

Commissions & Charges:

Allthough we are able to offer you so much more than a average real estate agent and increase your chances of selling massively our commissions are excactly the same as a small not so productive agency.

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High Quality Photos taken as standard


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We are selling between 20 and 25 properties locally each and every month!

our real estate offices


We advertise heavily where it counts with a large advertising budget which means we have really lots of our own direct clients picked up from the airport.


We speak Danish, Swedish, English, Norwegian, French, Spanish, German, Flemmish and Dutch fluently.


Apart from our large amount of direct clients your property can be listed on a shared network of 380 local estate agencies.


We also buy properties and are currently buying not renting all our new real estate shops.


Proffessional quality photos and videos made of all our direct listings as a standard.


Core reasons for choosing Innovative Property Sl

  • Local Offices
  • Multilingual staff
  • Proactive sales team
  • Agency network of 380 agents
  • Our own buyers (airport pick ups)
  • Very large sales volume
  • Massive advertising budget
  • Not a big turnover of staff
  • Proffessional Quality Photos
  • Optimized videos


Helping you sell your property on the Costa del Sol

Innovative Property Sl have built up many years expereinece in the Costa del Sol property market. We are open 7 days a week and we speak 9 languages fluently. We have a panel of experts ready and great partners that can help you with finance or legal issues and all in your own language.

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Please contact us for a no obligation consultation:

Tel: 00 34 635545451